Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Melloblocco part 4 - tutto arrivato

Hell Yes!

I was almost certain that there would be some kind of massive fuck-up with the shipment of gear to Italy. But it has arrived. Thank You God.

So now I have to deal with the flight. Yes, I already have the tickets. What I mean by "dealing" with the flight is a combined 12 hours of sitting in a tiny-ass seat.

Oh yes, one more thing, Fuck Delta. The United States airline companies are gradually going out of business and it's their own damn fault. The only way that I can bear these flights is with one of two options: seating in the roomy emergency aisles or lots of Jack Daniels.

Here's Delta's genius plan: If you want to sit in those coveted emergency aisle seats, you have to build up enough mileage with their airline to cover the distance between the Earth and Saturn. And the only way to build up those miles is by enduring Delta's shittyness.

The last time I flew to Europe, I went on SwissAir. The difference between SwissAir and any American carrier is like the difference between riding in a Rolls Royce and riding a donkey covered in shit.

Seriously, SwissAir rules. It was unbelievable. Each seat had it's own little TV screen with the option of 4 or 5 movies to watch and a selection of video games. I spent half the flight playing Tetris, which is way better than watching the latest Julia Roberts lame-ass-romantic-comedy on Delta.

The seats were comfortable and they actually reclined. Even the food was good. Not AlItalia good, but at least edible. And the stewardess looked good, for a change.

Well, not that good. But you get the point.

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