Thursday, April 30, 2009

Melloblocco part 7: More news

So I've been checking out the weather for the Val Masino area. It's supposed to be sunny for the entire event. That surprises me, because every time I come to Europe it pisses rain the whole time.

I'm getting on the plane Saturday morning, but I'm going straight to Germany, the land of beer and Lederhosen and sick-ass cars.

After a few days up there, a gang of us will be going down to Italy for the Mello shin-dig. And my man Jansen Gunderson will be showing up too.

Jansen will be shotting some photos for an article about Melloblocco in an upcoming issue of Rock & Ice Magazine. He's a really talented photographer with a more subdued style, who shoots stuff like this...

...and this...

... so with a photographer like J, the Melloblocco coverage won't be another "posing-superstar-visual-spray-session". It will actually have some class.

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