Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New 12-G Crash Pad

We've been working on some updates to the 12-Gauge Pad, just like the Mission Pad and the Commando Pad

We're going with a slightly new name for this baby: The 12-G Pad. Not much different than the old name, we know. But it's nice and simple and I'm too damn busy to think up anything better. Sorry.

For the closure straps, we put on big top and bottom flaps that connect to the side flap via two metal buckles. Again, nice and simple.

And in that top flap we built in a big pocket. We're going with pockets on the top because we believe that they're more accessible that way; It's quicker and easier than opening up the side flap to dig out your car keys.

This massive sumbitch measures 54" x 48" x 5" and weighs in at respectable 19 lbs.

The 2009 Revolution Crash Pad Line

(click here for a big-ass image of the Pads)

We've been doing this for almost 14 years, longer than anybody else. We have developed about 4 dozen different, original models and innovative designs for five different companies. So we are pleased to introduce the best line of Crash Pads we have ever made.

I just finished the prototypes and these rigs are tough. 1680 denier Ballistics Nylon shells, stitched together with a new bonded nylon thread, 37% stronger than our previous thread, bar-tacked stress points, adjustable height and adjustable use Pack systems. And of course, the highest quality, longest lasting foam available today. And it's all sourced and manufactured right here in the USA.

Sounds like a lot of spray, right? Well how's this sound; We are willing to put these Pads in a side-by-side comparison next to ANY Crash Pad made today, under any conceivable stress or type of wear. And we are certain that Revolution Pads will be the last ones standing.

We don't spray, we don't exaggerate, we don't talk a lot of bullshit. We simply believe in our product. We believe in making the best bouldering gear possible.

These bad boys will be on display at the 2009 Summer Outdoor Retailer. Stop by the booth and check 'em out. We will be going into full production in late August or early September. So start saving your money, because this is worth it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Man

In 1994, I took a little road trip along the California Sierras. Working my way south, I stopped by the little bouldering area of Deadman's Pass. I put in a little session and met a guy who needed a lift back to Mammouth, a few miles down the road. He said he was staying next to a guy who had a climbing wall in his backyard and the owner was cool with people coming over to climb.

So we rolled into Mammouth, I grabbed my shoes and checked out one of the coolest walls I had ever seen. After a little warming up, a lean blond guy walked out of the house. I remember thinking to myself "Dude, that's fucking Bachar!".

He sat back, sipped a beer and we bullshitted about various climbing stuff. The topic of climbing didn't really demand all of his focus, I could tell he had been having the same conversation for about 2 decades.

It turned out, the guy I had given a lift to happened to be a musician, a trumpet player. At this point, Bachar lit up, full of interest and the topic turned to their mutual love of Jazz. Bachar was a talented Sax player and he invited the guy to come over and jam, just for the hell of it.

This isn't about me, and it's not some kind of "Yeah, me and John were tight" kind of story. What impressed me about the guy was his interests far beyond climbing, his generosity in letting us climb on his wall and his general lack of ego.

It's really hard to explain. I'm sure that he was an inspiration to thousands of climbers. But his character should not be forgotten, either. He was the fucking man.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New XL Hold Shapes

We've been screwing around in the shaping room again. We've got 12 new shapes that are currently in the foam stage: 10 new XL Pinches and 2 new XL Balls (the green ones in the photos). They all come in sets of 5. Give us a couple of weeks to mold them and they'll be ready to roll.

These aren't the highest quality photos, but click on them for a larger view. Check it out.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Melloblocco - The Aftermath

During our little stay at Melloblocco,, we had a room at the "Casa delle Guide" for a few days.

And then we got the bill. Which is not really a big deal, until you check out what we spent at the bar...

That's 354 Euros, or an even $500. And that's just the bar tab. There is a lesson to be learned here: Never give climbers a line of credit on booze.