Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New 12-G Crash Pad

We've been working on some updates to the 12-Gauge Pad, just like the Mission Pad and the Commando Pad

We're going with a slightly new name for this baby: The 12-G Pad. Not much different than the old name, we know. But it's nice and simple and I'm too damn busy to think up anything better. Sorry.

For the closure straps, we put on big top and bottom flaps that connect to the side flap via two metal buckles. Again, nice and simple.

And in that top flap we built in a big pocket. We're going with pockets on the top because we believe that they're more accessible that way; It's quicker and easier than opening up the side flap to dig out your car keys.

This massive sumbitch measures 54" x 48" x 5" and weighs in at respectable 19 lbs.

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