Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009 Mission Pad

Here's what we've been working on. We're doing some upgrades to the Revolution Crash Pad line. The Mission still has the same dimensions as the last 2 years (48" x 41" x 3.625"), but we've moved around some things on the fabric shells and added a few features.

This one is cool. We've had a few complaints from shorter climbers about the shoulder strap-to-hip belt area being a little to large for them, so we are doing a removable shoulder strap that can be mounted in a higher or lower place.

We've also made the back of the pack area a little more narrow, so that it better fits the small of your back and the hip belt is a little more snug.

I'll throw on some photos of the new shoulder strap soon. Needless to say, it's bitchen'. We are using a .375" thick EVA foam in this strap, which means that it's thicker (more comfortable) and longer lasting. EVA foam is the type of stuff used in padding Tennis Shoes, so it's designed to last.

No, not this kind of mud flaps...

We're talking about a little modified design to keep the back of the Mission Pad clean...

The same side, top and bottom flaps used to close and secure the Mission Pad can be folded in the opposite direction when the Pad is open and ready for climbing useage. This means that you can cover the Backpack area of the Pad to keep it free of mud, dirt, etc. that would otherwise cover your clothes when you're carrying the Pad (the above photo shows the back or "ground" side of the Mission).

Changed this Sumbitch, too. For years, we've mounted the velcro-closing pocket on the side flap. We decided to add a top flap with a pocket so's you don't have to open the pad to access the pocket. The actual pocket opening is on the inside of the flap, just an extra measure to keep your stuff safe.

That's it for now. I'll throw on more info about the modified Commando Pad as soon as I can. Later.

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  1. Investing in mud flaps for your particular vehicle is a great idea, especially for those that live in areas of the country that get rain throughout the year.