Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Boss, 1st coat o' silicone

In 2005, I poured what I believed was the LAST EVER Boss. And I gave it to Mike Call, since he shaped it. I figured he may want one for sentimental reasons. But he's not all sappy like that.

But we've had a few requests in the last few months to pour The Boss. Unfortunately, the old Pusher molds are really burnt out, even a few rips in places. And pouring Urethane into a mold that had Polyester usage can damage the mold even more.

So considering that we had some extra silicone, and there is no shortage of Pusher bills still to be paid (seriously, you would not fucking believe the dollar signs involved), we have decided to remold The Boss.

If you're interested, give us a little time to get this ready. Molding is a very time-consuming process. We are also making a new hollow-back, which will dramatically lower the weight, and therefore the price.

There's a long back story involved with The Boss, if you're interested. I'll see if I can get MC to write about it. But that guy is always busy with his films, so I can't promise anything.

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