Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crash Pad art

So we've been messing around with a few new things on the Crash Pads. For years, we've had a small rubber logo on the side of the Pads, but with the current production run, we have a larger silk-screened logo on the side.

Another option that hit me this summer is vinyl banners. We had a big one made for this summer's OR show, and it got me thinking. Since this is a sew-able material, we could use it on some of our products. I made a sample backpack, which didn't really come out perfect, but you get the idea...

But there is a lot of crazy shit we could do with this. The only problem is that it's way more expensive than our standard fabrics. But it may be worth it, especially if we did a line of Crash Pads with Playboy centerfolds...
Note the Revolution tattoo on Miss February's ass. Really classy, huh?


  1. Where is mine? And wouldn't be politically correct to have a naked guy too...I mean, for the chicks out there. Maybe Ron Jeremy. Or maybe the Deepthroat directors cut classic cover flap?