Saturday, September 5, 2009

Commando Part 3

Just in case you have no idea of what "Commando Part 3" means, I am not suggesting that there is a sequel to that Schwarzenegger film, although it would be totally bitchen' if there was.

No, this is a sequel to my little spray session about the Commando Crash Pad.

We're doing a little production run of the Commandos right now, about 60 of them. The total amount of fabric needed for these Pads is 1845 square feet, if you include the new shoulder strap. That's 171 square meters, for you guys on the metric system. And the amount of waste is a mere 1200 square inches (.77 square meters), which looks like this...

Think about that. 1845 square feet of fabric. That is roughly the same area as a three-bedroom house. And all the waste can be held in your hands. All the materials are sourced in North America and all the production is done right here in Salt Lake.

That's why I call the Commando the most efficient Pad we have ever made. Possibly the most efficient Crash Pad, period.

And if that ain't enough, we're doing this run of Commandos in Black and Camo fabric, in honor of Schwarzenegger and his goofy-ass films.

"Ja, now I am totally zee Gofenor of Cullyfonia, so Fack Yoo."

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