Thursday, February 17, 2011

What more can I say?

Yes, I know it's been 5 months since I wrote anything on this blog. I update it with the same frequency as I wash my dishes.

But this time, we have something more important to say than my usual ramblings. It is in regards to a recent advertisement in the latest issue of Deadpoint Magazine.

I've had the idea for this ad rolling around in my head for some time now. For some reason, it's "verboten" in the climbing industry to call bullshit on other companies products, even if they are blatant, low quality knock-offs. But after reading an impassioned Facebook post by my man (and former Cordless sponsored climber) Josh Helke, I figured the time was right.

I called up Josh, told him the idea, and he started buggin out. Like sending me 4 emails in about 5 minutes. I talked to Matt at Deadpoint, expecting some hesitation on his part, but he basically dared me to do it.

So why do this ad now? Let me put it in context...

A few years ago at an OR Show in Salt Lake, I told Walson at Flashed that I was glad he developed and introduced his Air Pad (I forget the name of it). He said they were not getting a lot of sales for it, people are complaining about the price, etc.

I told him what is more important is that you actually did it. Even if you only sold one, at least you have the balls to try something new and innovative. Which is far more than can be said of the largest companies in this industry.

Yes, Flashed is a competitors of ours, so why was I glad that they developed and introduced this product? Because it raises the bar for the rest of us. It means the standards have gone up for companies who actually give a fuck about making quality bouldering gear. It means that new climbers have options other than the Wal-Mart bullshit from Mad Rock or Black Diamond.

Same thing goes for Josh at Organic. I'll say this right now: even though I am in direct competition with Organic, they do not have a bigger fan. Except for maybe Liz, Josh's wife. But I'm sure even she get sick of his crazy ass. For reals, ask Josh who has brought in more sales in the last year than Yours Truly.

Why? Because ever since Cordless' start in 1995, we have had a much larger goal than just making widgets and earning money. We believe in making the highest quality products we can for the sport we love. We believe in developing bouldering in this manner, same as scrubbing down and sending new blocks.

In that sense, all these companies are doing this for a cause much larger than ourselves. Weather it's me, or Organic or Flashed or some new company that is just getting started, I have a ton of respect for anybody who will not compromise or sell-out.

Unfortunately, that is becoming harder and harder to do these days.


  1. hmmm, I generally like your products, and have used Revo pads exclusively for years now,
    *but* (I think) the fabric on the newer pads is crappier than on the old ones, and the fabric on my 12-G is growing holes after only a year or so of use...
    PLEASE correct me if I am wrong

  2. a-fucking-man sir a-a-motherfucking-man
    done and done
    that's why we're proud to have your logo and your advertising on our page (not that you paid for it you louse you :P)

    amen to Clark, amen to someone that does what he-fucking-says and sticks by his guns. If I were wearing a hat i'd tip it, fuck BD (oops)