Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vaya con Dios, Mixing Barrel

Our boy Chris Sierzant, owner of the Escalade Gym in Atlanta, and a few of his crew stopped by for a few days and we put them to work moving the Revolution shop.

For those of you who ever poured plastic for Pusher or Revolution (which is about 75% of the Salt Lake climbing community), we have a bit of nostalgia for you: the mixing barrel/tilt stand rig is no more.

This big-ass contraption mixed and poured about 2.5 million pounds of plastic, from Pusher, S7, Revolution and most recently, a line of custom climbing holds for Backyard Adventures.

A very brief service was held in its honor, then it was given away to a local scrap metal yard. See you in hell, giant chunk of iron.

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