Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Michele Caminati - Super Genius

Sorry we haven't posted anything for 3 weeks... just busy.

One of the benefits of the Euro-trip was meeting some really strong climbers. One of them is the newest member of the Revolution Team: Michele Caminati.

Other than climbing, Michele is a University student working on Mathematics. So I proposed a little question to him that I've been thinking about: What is the force of a falling climber's impact on a Crash Pad?

Here's some of what he wrote back:

"... its total kinetical energy at the ground is Ek=mgoh and in the case of our 75 kilos climber falling from 2 meters would be Ek=75*9,8*2=1470 J (as the Joul "J" is the measure unit for energy: 1J=1N*1meter)..."


I forgot to tell him that I never even passed Basic Algebra in High School, so everything he wrote might as well be in Chinese. But thanks for the effort, Mike.

Michele also gained a lot of respect in my book by developing some new bouldering areas around Northern Italy. Here's a little video of his work...

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