Monday, March 16, 2009

Style of the Month program

A few people have asked us for a "Hold of the Month Program", but we thought up something a little different: a "Style of the Month" program.

Here it is: 6 holds per month for a 6 month period, from 6 different styles, with a 6% discount (obviously the magic number here is 6).

Since we have 18 different styles of holds, we want to get this variation seen by people, so we will be sending out packages of holds of these various styles each month for 6 months. So we will split our 3 different series (Basic, Real, Abstract) into the 6-month programs.

For example, if you want Style packages of our Real Series holds, then sign up for this program, and every month for 6 months, you'll receive 6 holds from the 6 different styles in the Real Series.

The "Style of the Month" packages will include:

2 Hand Jib
1 Small hold
1 Medium hold
1 Large hold
1 XL hold
All bolts and screws included.

Regular retail price for these 6 holds would be $46.80. But we will throw in a 6% discount for people who want the entire 6 month program, so that would be $44.00 per month or $264.00 for the entire 6 months and 36 holds.

Here's the schedules for the next 6 months. You can sign on for one, two or all three:

Basic Series Style of the Month Schedule
APRIL 2009: Jugs Style, 6 holds
MAY: Incuts Style, 6 holds
JUNE: Edges Style, 6 holds
JULY: Slopers Style, 6 holds
AUGUST: Pinches Style, 6 holds
SEPTEMBER: Pockets Style, 6 holds

Real Series Style of the Month Schedule
APRIL 2009: Desert Style, 6 holds
MAY: Fontainebleau Style, 6 holds
JUNE: Granite Style, 6 holds
JULY: Hueco Style, 6 holds
AUGUST: Joe's Style, 6 holds
SEPTEMBER: Limestone Style, 6 holds

Abstract Series Style of the Month Schedule
APRIL 2009: Atrophy Style, 6 holds
MAY: All-Star Style, 6 holds
JUNE: Balls Style, 6 holds
JULY: Diamond Style, 6 holds
AUGUST: Fossil Style, 6 holds
SEPTEMBER: Skehls Style, 6 holds

If this sounds like something you're down for, give us a call (877-2-Boulder) or e-mail ( and we'll set you up.

Here's a photo of the Real Series Style of the Month: the Desert Style. We'll throw on the photos for the other April Styles soon.

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